Blitzz Super G Wireless Router (BWA711)

OK, this is just a post to help those of you searching for information on this router. I purchased the router recently and could not connect to SBC Yahoo! DSL via PPPoE. After searching the web for info and finding very few postings I thought my experiences might help additional users. I am happy to report that the Blitzz e-Support service was helpful and quick, with a very short response time (emailed back and forth a couple of times, problem resolved in less than 24 hours).

Now to the specifics of my problem: The router’s built in form validation would not let me enter my full email address as the connection username. SBC (and I assume other ISPs) require that you enter your full email address to connect. You’ll need to download the latest firmware for the router to fix this issue. Visit the Blitzz Web Site, and drill down to the product through their “Downloads” link.

Once you’ve upgraded your firmware, reset the router to factory defaults from the web-based console. Be sure to clear your browser’s cache, as the form validation is done via included javascript files that may still be resident in the cache.

After performing these two steps I was able to connect without any troubles. I hope this helps!

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I have one and it works just fine. I have DSL with bellsouth. It’s a PPPoE. I have more trouble with my Westell modem than anything! For either to work correctly together, they have to be bridged.

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