In light of Mike Swanson‘s latest contest announcement, I thought it would be appropriate to post a status update on the Fireworks to XAML Exporter. The Fireworks PNG format isn’t included in the contest, but just knowing that other file format converters are being worked on encourages me to release the latest version of this converter. I plan on posting an updated panel within the next week that supports saving directly to .xaml files instead of just providing clipboard support. I really like the clipboard feature, but I think file support is definitely expected, especially for heavier files. I have updated the path logic so that paths now behave like paths natively drawn in EID. Also, instead of just exporting selected items, you can now choose to export the current frame in its entirety (layer support included). I’ll put together a comprehensive list of changes in the coming week, just wanted to keep those of you who are currently using this informed.

Stay tuned — it should prove to be a nice update!