NetAdvantage 2006.3 was released earlier this month with great new features for those of us in the design community. Specifically, we’ve added some really nice touches to AppStylist, mostly revolving around resources. Resource previews are now everywhere resources are used; resources can be selectively imported and exported from library to library, which makes reuse across ISLs much more accessible. The color dialog has been updated to support an eyedropper tool and we’ve also added a Ribbon preview canvas.

We’re already working on updates for the next release, but I’ll have to wait a while longer before I share. Really cool stuff though!

 I was recently demoing AppStyling to existing customers who had yet to use the technology. They were amazed. They were smiling and nodding their heads in approval as I demoed skinning the live running app using AppStylist Runtime support. When you work with this stuff it’s easy to forget how cool it is.

 Check out NetAdvantage AppStylist and the AppStylist New Features page.