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Fireworks Gradient Panel

I’ve been working on a custom Gradient Panel for Fireworks off and on for a while and wanted to go ahead and get it posted. It’s not in a final state, but it’s definitely usable as is. Having worked with XAML for quite a while now, I’ve grown to expect the ability to hand-tweak the offset values of GradientStops. Now I can do the same thing in Fireworks, all from the comfort of a panel!

Fireworks Gradient Panel

I’m providing two ways to edit with precision: a zooming gradient stop interface and a grid of values. The attached photos show the Gradient Panel in action.

Item Selected - Fireworks Gradient Panel Fireworks Gradient Panel Zoom Controls

Download Fireworks Gradient Panel Extension

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I love this extension, but it crashes Fireworks CS5 on me every time i try to export an element. Please fix this for FW CS5.

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