Sometimes an idea strikes and immediately you know it should be forgotten, discarded, but you just can’t help yourself. The Image to XAML converter is the product of just such an idea. I was looking at some bitmap patterns that I use as tiled textures and thought I should just convert them at a pixel level to a XAML representation. THEN I thought I could just convert entire images on a pixel-by-pixel basis to Rectangles in XAML! What a fantastic idea! This little app is a model of what you should not do with XAML, but it’s still entertaining to use. And yes, I’m sure I could make it more efficient using DrawingGroups and RectangleGeometries, but that’s just not the point is it? So, download the app and watch a 16KB png grow to a 1600KB text-based monstrosity.

Download: Image to XAML Converter

(Warning: start with small images, then test your luck with larger ones)