Push Button. Receive Bacon. I love this picture. It makes me laugh really hard, then smile for a long time. I encountered this pleasant surprise in a fast-food bathroom last weekend while on a short road trip. I like to try and picture the person who actually did the writing (or graffiti, depending on your perspective) — was it a lone junior high kid with an eye for the abstract? Or maybe a band of artists traveling the nation updating hand dryer labels? I like to think it was an older gentleman in his late seventies to early eighties with a youthful sense of humor, acting spontaneously out of character for a man of his years. Or maybe this is just how they come from the factory now. That’s probably it.

Oh wait, it’s all over the web if you google “Push Button. Receive Bacon.” This was my first encounter though, and it will always be special to me 😉