I’m in the process of building a Brush Manager panel for Fireworks and I’ve posted a video of its current (really rough) state. In addition to including the gradient editing features of my Fireworks Gradient Panel, the Brush Manager will support opening and saving XAML-based Resource Dictionaries, enabling a true round-trip brush editing experience between Fireworks and Blend. In this video, I open a sample ResourceDictionary xaml file and apply brushes contained within that file to the selected object on the stage.
Brush editing is not enabled yet, but you can see the new ColorSelector, modeled after the Blend color selector. I really like using the hue slider in Blend and soon we’ll all be able to use the same model in Fireworks!

The panel is still in an unpolished state, but I’m just getting the pieces working together at the moment. I’m hoping to get a fully functional version released in a few weeks, but free time is hard to come by, so we’ll see. Still, I wanted to get the word out on what I think is going to be a great panel for both the Fireworks and WPF design communities. Stay tuned!