Podder v2 Released

Podder v2

Josh just posted an update to his WPF-based podcasting app Podder. I have been working with him in my spare time over the past month  (or more) to provide a shiny new skin and test out his “structural skinning” concept. Just like my experience styling custom controls or other WPF applications, this experience required quite a bit of back-and-forth between myself and Josh. There were additional properties and events that I needed to fully deliver the look I was going for with my skin. After this interaction, I suspect that other designers wanting to skin his app will have an easier time now that we’ve been through this process.

Josh and I both wanted to get this release posted while I was at Mix so we pushed out my skin prior to me having time to clean up the resource structure. I’ll analyze the project structure with Pistachio next week, remove unused resources, and consolidate my resource structure into something more manageable. So, stay tuned for an update in the next week or two! While I was at first apprehensive about releasing prior to doing this, I now think it might actually be beneficial — designers new to WPF can see what a project looks like before and after resource cleanup and organization.

So, check out Josh’s post, and track me down this week at Mix if you want to see a demo of the app or talk to me about some of the techniques I used. I’ll post more thoughts on some of my design decisions in the coming days.

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