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New Fireworks Panel: Gradient Direction Editor

Over the past several months I’ve been working on a new “BrushManager” panel for Fireworks. I’ve been creating all of the individual pieces as AS3 components, both for ease of development and maintenance reasons. The BrushManager (I’ll eventually come up with a better name) lets you quickly toggle between Solid Fill, and Linear or Radial Gradient Fill. The Gradient editing capabilities currently in my Gradient Panel will be migrated into this new panel, along with a new precision Gradient Direction Editor. I currently have a test version of the Gradient Direction Editor in a standalone Fireworks Panel, available for download below.

Take the panel for a spin and send me your feedback. It’s still a bit buggy at this point, so use at your own risk!

The video below is encoded at 1280 x 720, so be sure and watch in HD on the Vimeo site!

Fireworks Panel: Gradient Direction Editor from Grant Hinkson on Vimeo.

Download Preview Panel: Fireworks Gradient Direction Editor Panel

6 replies on “New Fireworks Panel: Gradient Direction Editor”

Your Gradient Panel is wonderful.
I’ve been testing your Gradient Direction Editor in FW3 + Leopard and a strange behavior occurs with the Pen Tool: trying to draw a shape the line is interrupted after certain distance. I detected this installing and uninstalling the extension.

Hi Carlos — thanks for the feedback. I’ve noticed similar behavior with other tools as well. The Gradient Direction Editor is intercepting a few too many events 😉 I’ll try to get these kinks worked out and post a new build soon.

Very cool, this looks like it will be a great addition.

The main reason I came your site today was to see if you had an updated gradient panel for FWCS4? I have migrated most of my work to CS4 but I am really starting to miss some of my favorite panels, i.e. the gradient panel, I really need that zoom. Do you have a estimation of when this new panel will be ready? and I am assuming that it will be CS4 compatible right?

You extensions are much appreciated,,,,,

Hi Christian — The current Gradient Panel is compatible with FWCS4. I haven’t had to make any changes to it for it to continue to function as it does in CS3, let me know if you’re experience has been different. Hoping to work on this new set of panels again soon. Thanks for stopping by!

hey grant, awesome extension btw, been trying to test it out. And when using the ellipse gradient it only shows one fill handle? Any thoughts on this? Thanks !

Hi Grant,

I’m seeing the thing as blue2x. The ellipse gradient only shows a single handle rather than the two handles it has by default.

Any news on the final integrated gradient panel? I can’t believe Adobe hasn’t built this stuff in by now. It’s totally indispensable to me. Thanks so much.

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