NetAdvantage for WPF 2008.2 Public CTP

If you don’t know about it yet, Infragistics posted a Public CTP of NetAdvantage for WPF 2008.2, which includes the new xamOutlookBar and Reporting features. From the post…

In an effort to get more code to the public faster, Infragistics’ WPF team has shipped an interim build of NetAdvantage for WPF controls planned for the 2008 Volume 2 release. This release includes two major enhancements: xamOutlookBar and Printing Capabilities that not only easily print the xamDataGrid, but allow for the creation of a fully stylized report. The xamOutlookBar is styled and has functionally modeled off of Outlook 2007 which greatly increases the developers ability to create line of business applications. The Printing Capabilities allow not only printing, but allow for publishing documents out as XPS.

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