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DevScovery Redmond Session Files

A couple of weeks ago I presented two sessions at DevScoveryBlend for Developers, and Meeting in the Middle, designer/developer workflow (co-presented with Josh Smith). I’ve posted zip files for both presentations. The zip for the Blend session includes just the presentation itself, which may or may not be helpful. It basically defines a rough outline for the presentation. I’ve given that presentation a few times now, and each time it’s a little bit different, depending on the audience. I try to keep the session as interactive as possible, focusing on areas of the tool that are of interest to the current audience. I actually ended up spending a considerable amount of time discussing the different panels available in WPF, a little low-level for a Blend presentation, but necessary if you don’t have that fundamental knowledge of WPF layout.

Download DevScovery: Introduction to Blend Presentation

The Meeting in the Middle zip file includes the presentation, a demo project, and a Fireworks source file used for layout. This is the third time I’ve done this presentation and the second time I’ve done it with Josh. This time, we worked through the slides, covering core concepts in WPF that enable an effective designer/developer workflow and concluded the presentation by creating a simple XML-bound layout. Josh created the rough, developer-styled layout in Visual Studio, then I stepped in and imported artwork from Fireworks and tweaked the layout in Blend. We made it through without any problems – a miracle considering how many moving pieces there were. We kept the scope of the application extremely small though, so that worked in our favor.

Download DevScovery: Meeting in the Middle Presentation

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