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Live Photo Gallery Flickr Plugin

Shortly after Christmas, I downloaded the Windows Live Photo Gallery SDK and tinkered for a couple of hours one afternoon. I have yet to find (or create) the ultimate Flickr upload and sync tool, but I’m always searching for and thinking about it. Someday, when the earth’s rotation slows and we finally have 36 hour days, I’ll create this ultimate tool, but until then, you can check out my moderately nice updates to the Sample Flickr Plugin that ships with the SDK. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can:

Photo Gallery includes a publishing API that can be used to create custom plugins to publish your photos to any site. The app ships with a Flickr plugin and the SDK includes the source for the plugin. Without any modification, you can select a number of photos from your library then publish either to an existing Flickr Set or a new set. Along the way, you can set the permissions (public, friend, family, friend & family) for all of the photos you’re uploading.

So, this is where my modification comes in. There are times when I want to tag a few photos as public and the rest as private. With the default plugin, this would require two upload operations. With my updates, the plugin looks for specific tags on each photo that set flickr permissions:

switch (keyword.InnerText) { case "flickr: public" : isPublic = true; break; case "flickr: family" : isFamily = true; break; case "flickr: friends" : isFriend = true; break; case "flickr: friends+family" : isFriend = isFamily = true; break; default : tags.Add(keyword.InnerText); break; }

I can now quickly add a tag using Photo Gallery and let the plugin handle the permissions for me automatically. This is by no means a perfect solution, but something that has saved me some time. I had to change the plugin in a few places throughout the project, but you can find the heart of the change in the SessionLoadItemInfo method of XmlHelper.cs. If you just want to take the plugin for a spin, run PluginSample.msi found in the bin\Debug folder of the zip.

Download Source: Windows Live Photo Gallery Flickr Uploader

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