Foundation Fireworks CS4 Published

I’m really excited to announce that Foundation Fireworks CS4 is now in the wild! I’ve been working on this book, along with a number of contributors, over the past several months, and it’s rewarding to finally have it published and in my hands. I’m particularly proud of the Extending Fireworks chapter — this is the chapter I wish I had when I first started writing Fireworks panels.

Two full-length chapters (including Extending Fireworks) have been made available on Adobe’s Fireworks Developer Center. You can download these for free and get a feel for some of the more advanced chapters in the book. Overall, I think we struck a nice balance between introductory concepts and real-world use cases. You’re not only introduced to the vector and bitmap tools, you’re walked through creating Flex skins, Adobe AIR prototypes, and E-Commerce web site layouts. If you’ve been wondering why Fireworks is the prototyping tool of choice for many visual and interface designers, this book may provide the answer!

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Nice! I’ve been only using Fireworks for about 3-4 months now, but I can see how powerful it is. I saw your book on Amazon and plan on ordering it!

Your BOOK is alive!!!!!!
You’ve been working on that for MONTHS!!!!

Congrats I can’t wait to pick up a copy in B&N and read it!!!!

-Tim 🙂

Thanks for the chapter on building Flash panels! I’ve been trying to get the fwActiveToolForSWFs variable working in Flex 3, and your book is the *only* place I’ve seen the setfwActiveToolForSWFs event documented. Now I should be able to finish a library I’m working on for creating Flex panels using just JavaScript.

One thing your code example didn’t demonstrate, but which is key, is that the setfwActiveToolForSWFs event handler is called with the name of the current tool, unlike all the other FW events which don’t have any parameters.

Anyway, thanks again!

Wow – I just read your JSON Panel post, which I assume this comment refers to. Amazing! I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like you’ve created something really powerful!

I download your extension “gradient panel”
when I install it using adobe extension manager, it was failed, and the message is

“You dont have appropriate permissions required to perform this operation. contact your system administrator to obtain permissions”

I use administrator account but fail to install,
do you know the solution?please inform me,what should I do to install it succesfully…

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