I’m really excited to announce that Foundation Fireworks CS4 is now in the wild! I’ve been working on this book, along with a number of contributors, over the past several months, and it’s rewarding to finally have it published and in my hands. I’m particularly proud of the Extending Fireworks chapter — this is the chapter I wish I had when I first started writing Fireworks panels.

Two full-length chapters (including Extending Fireworks) have been made available on Adobe’s Fireworks Developer Center. You can download these for free and get a feel for some of the more advanced chapters in the book. Overall, I think we struck a nice balance between introductory concepts and real-world use cases. You’re not only introduced to the vector and bitmap tools, you’re walked through creating Flex skins, Adobe AIR prototypes, and E-Commerce web site layouts. If you’ve been wondering why Fireworks is the prototyping tool of choice for many visual and interface designers, this book may provide the answer!