Updated Fireworks to XAML Panel Posted

A new version of the Fireworks to XAML panel is now available for download. In addition to a new Fireworks CS4 skin, the panel now lets you trim Path data and round layout and sizing values (Margins, Heights, Widths), resulting in a much cleaner XAML. Watch the video to see an overview of the new features.

Fireworks to Xaml Panel Overview from Grant Hinkson on Vimeo.

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Thanks for all of the work! This panel is great. It is really nice to be able to continue to use Fireworks with XAML. I really like the new control feature and would love to see a Silverlight option in the future.


I’m running FW CS4 (v10.x) ; I also have admin priviledges. But when I try to install the XAML panel in Fireworks CS3, I get three different messages deepening on how I try to install.
1. “Can’t create folder ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks Cs4\Configurations\Command Panels\XAML Suite’.”
2. “I need a higher version than 7”
3., “You don’t have the proper privileges”

Anyone know why?

Try launching the Extension Manager with Admin privileges (i.e. right-click > Run as administrator). Once Extension Manager has loaded, browse for the .mxp and install.